Germany beat Switzerland in front of record-breaking audience

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EHF / Kevin Domas

On Wednesday in Dusseldorf, a big handball party took place and all the spectators left with a smile on their face. While the event of the night was the world record for spectators at a handball game, on the court, Germany delivered a spotless performance to take their first two points.

20240110 Wolff Quote
It is easy to make saves when your defence is playing that good, let’s be honest. I know I am one of the leaders of the team, and that I had to show the way. I’m glad I was able to do it, glad that I was able to help the team as well.
Andreas Wolff
Goalkeeper, Germany
20240110 Rubin Quote
There is not much to be said really. We struggled offensively and we lost too many balls and missed too many shots. Germany were definitely the best team tonight, but we made things easy for them too.
Lenny Rubin
Left back, Switzerland

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