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Slovenia hope they will get back on track after a disappointing EHF EURO 2022 outing. From 14th place at the EHF EURO 2016, to eighth place in Croatia 2018 and fourth place at the EHF EURO 2020 after losing a bronze-medal match against Spain, coming in 16th at the previous European championship downgraded their hard work.

As a consequence, head coach Ljubomir Vranjes was sacked and was replaced by legendary player Uros Zorman. Zorman became Slovenia's 12th head coach in their history and they are coming to Germany with a new vision and ambition.

Slovenia showed their new approach already in qualification, winning group 7 ahead of Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Kosovo, losing only one match throughout. The squad is boosted with experience from back players like Jure Dolenec, Dean Bombac, Miha Zarabec, Aleks Vlah and impeccable winger Gasper Marguc, together with some young talents - although the squad has been hit by injury, and Slovenia will play without the likes of Blaz Janc, Domen Makuc and Stefan Zabic.

This will be Slovenia's 14th appearance in 16 European championships. Zorman's players hope the EHF EURO 2024 will show they can compete with the best and give them a chance to fight for their first Euro medal since winning silver in 2004.

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European Championship
2004 - 2nd place

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Key Players

Gasper Marguc
Right Wing

Gasper Marguc is the eldest of three handball-playing brothers, but the only one of the three in the current squad. Marguc made his debut for Slovenia in a major tournament at EHF EURO 2012 and was one of the side's three top scorers with nine goals at the EHF EURO 2022. In the interim, he also contributed to Slovenia's bronze medal at the 2017 IHF Men's World Championship. Marguc joined Telekom Veszprém in 2014 from Celje, where he had played since 2009; he once scored 18 goals from 18 attempts for Celje in two matches against THW Kiel’s legendary goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer. For Slovenia, he makes a dynamic duo with Barça's Blaz Janc.

Blaz Blagotinsek)
Blaz Blagotinsek
Line Player

Blaz Blagotinsek made his national team debut for Slovenia at age 18 in 2012. He starts EHF EURO 2024 with more than 120 caps and has played in the last four EHF EURO tournaments. Blagotinsek moved to SG Flensburg-Handewitt in 2023 after seven seasons for Veszprém and four for Celje. He was voted best defender of the EHF Champions League in 2018/19 and again in 2019/20, but is also a key goal-scorer for Slovenia.

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Head Coach

Uros Zorman)
Uros Zorman

The former top player took over the helm of the Slovenian national team in February 2022, replacing Ljubomir Vranjes after a disappointing result at the EHF EURO 2022. Uros Zorman was assistant coach to Vranjes. He started his coaching career at Industria Kielce, spending two seasons as assistant to Talant Dujshebaev after ending his playing career in 2018, and he arrived in Trimo Trebnje in the summer of 2020 for his first job as head coach. As a player, Zorman won silver with Slovenia at the EHF EURO 2012 and the EHF Champions League twice with Ciudad Real and once with both Celje and Kielce. Zorman also runs his own handball academy in Slovenia.

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