Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands (FAR)

The Faroe Islands impressed everyone when they managed to qualify for their first ever EHF EURO. Their journey has not been an easy one, as they had to get past Austria, Romania and Ukraine in order to reach the final tournament in Germany. Despite only grabbing four points, the Faroese team ranked among the best third-placed teams in the competition, due to impressive home wins against Romania (28:26) and Ukraine (33:26).

Unlike other teams, the Faroe Islands cannot rely solely on experienced players. Their squad includes young and skilled players that were key assets in the junior competitions, but also proved capable of rising to the occasion at the senior national team level. Left back Óli Mittún, centre back Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu and right wing Hákun West av Teigum are definitely some of the players to watch in January. Skipagøtu and av Teigum both saw their dreams come true when they signed with German clubs (THW Kiel and Füchse Berlin, respectively) and look forward to making history with Faroe Islands.

However, this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without great leadership. The addition of Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen to the team was a success, as the Danish head coach accomplished one of the biggest wishes of the Faroese fans with the qualification for EHF EURO 2024. Prior to joining the Faroe Islands, one of Larsen’s biggest professional achievements was winning gold at EHF EURO 2008 with Denmark, as an assistant coach.

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Key Players

Óli Mittún)
Óli Mittún
Left Back

EHF EURO 2024 will be Óli Mittún's first major senior tournament, but he has made his mark at several youth competitions. The left back was the top scorer at the 2023 Men’s Youth (U19) World Championship (87 goals) and part of the All-star Team; he was also top scorer with 80 goals and MVP at the M18 EHF EURO 2022. Mittún began his career domestically at H71 Hoyvik but moved to IK Sävehof in 2022, spending his first season there with his cousin Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu.

Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu)
Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu
Centre Back

Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu is one of the leaders of the exciting new Faroese generation at the age of only 21. The centre back was the top scorer and named on the All-star Team for the 2023 IHF Junior World Championship, scoring 55 goals. In the 2021/22 season he was named MVP of the Swedish league, and scored 70 goals for IK Sävehof in the EHF European League. Ellefsen á Skipagøtu transferred to THW Kiel in the summer of 2023 and is already making his mark for the Zebras. Handball is in his blood: Faroese teammate Óli Mittún is his cousin; his mother is president of the Faroe Islands Handball Federation; and his brother Rói is also a player.

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Head Coach

Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen)
Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen

Danish coach Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen has steered the Faroe Islands to their first ever qualification at the EHF EURO. Bredsdorff-Larsen has also coached Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and was an assistant coach for the Danish national team, helping them to gold at the EHF EURO 2008. He has extended his contract with the Faroese national team until 2026.

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