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All tied between Czech Republic and Russia

EHF / Danijela Lemaić

It seemed like Czech Republic were going to get revenge for their narrow defeat only four days earlier. It all changed in last 15 minutes. Russia stepped up and leveled the score, bringing tight action until the very end. It could have gone either way, but after a thrilling finish there was no winner in Brno tonight.


Czech Republic - Russia 27:27(16:14)

  • the Czech Republic had a 3-0 start and kept a lead throughout the first half
  • the first six minutes of the second half were decisive for Russia getting back in the game, leveling to 18:18 after a run of four goals
  • Russia welcomed their first lead in the 42nd minute and even had a two-goal lead
  • the Czech Republic turned the tables once again, but Russia scored twice to tie it, 27:27, at the 59:17 mark
  • the home team had a chance for the win, but lost the ball, and in a thrilling finish Dmitrii Santalov missed an empty net

Another thriller finish in the qualifiers

After the Netherlands' buzzer beater against Poland, we almost saw a similar end in Brno. It was a 27:27 at the 59:17 mark, and Czech Republic with possession of the ball. Everything was in their hands, being able to score their second win under new head coach Rastislav Trtik. In the moment of truth a mistake was made; Tomas Babak lost the ball, Dmitrii Santalov stole it and had an empty net to score at the very end. Somehow the ball rolled right of the goal, leaving both teams with a draw.

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