Women's EHF EURO line-up complete after action-packed Sunday

EHF / Sergey Nikolaev

All 24 participants of the Women's EHF EURO 2024 have now been determined, after the Qualifiers concluded with 15 matches which took place at the same time on Sunday.

20240407 CRO BIH Basic Quote
Compared to the last game against Croatia, we are missing 10 players that, from various reasons, didn't want to play this week. We had too many mistakes in offence, but also in defence. But I think the main reason for this result is that we didn't play a lot together as a team. We definitely need more practice together. But, we have to move on, train together, work together and hopefully, it will be better.
Adnan Basic
Head coach, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20240407 GER ISR Maidhof Quote
I was told after the match that we took the highest ever victory ever and my goal was the record breaker for the biggest number of goals. The final goal was the icing on the cake, but 46 goals are a team performance. We are happy that we the played the last three qualifiers with consequence, that there was no increase of the performing level when we rotated a lot.
Julia Maidhof
Right back, Germany
20240407 SVK UKR Duenas Quote
We expected a close match. In the first half, we were already leading by five goals, but the opponent always caught up. I would like to commend my players for their fighting performance until the last seconds. And I am glad that we achieved it. We are very happy about qualifying for the European Championship.
Jorge Dueñas
Head coach, Slovakia
20240407 SVK UKR Ukraine Quote
We are content. We aimed to qualify in second place, and we achieved it. It wasn't an easy match; we are very familiar with the Slovak team. Both teams fought until the end, and both teams are now celebrating their qualification. The groundwork for our qualification was already laid last year in the first match in Poland.
Iryna Kompaniiets
Left back, Ukraine
20240407 NED FIN Van Maurik Quote
At the beginning of the match we didn’t play that good, we missed a few chances. But after that you could tell that when everyone went full for it and for their shots, in the end it was quite a big win. I mainly feel that we can be very happy that we worked so hard together and that everyone in the team played today.
Alieke van Maurik
Right back, Netherlands
20240407 NED FIN Westerlund Quote
We did a very good first half, we were alert and playing well in our heads and took the right decisions. But seven minutes in the second half our opponent is running away from us, we get a little bit tired and they know the strength of the team. We are satisfied with 40 minutes but the last 20 could have been better.
Tomas Westerlund
Head coach, Finland
20240407 SLO ITA Gros Quote
It is important that the Slovenian national team continues to qualify for major competitions regularly. You learn something new at each one. I am very happy about the successful completion of the qualifications. We took the match against Italy very seriously. We are looking forward to the new week and the Olympic qualification tournament.
Ana Gros
Right back, Slovenia
20240407 ESP AZE Martin Quote
It has been a perfect EHF EURO 2024 qualification. We have won all of the games. Today, the most important thing is that we had been focused in our performance and trying to be concentrated from the beginning until the end of the match. We have made a very serious game and the support of the fans was incredible.
Ambros Martin
Head coach, Spain
20240407 MNE BUL Popovic Quote
These kinds of games are always dangerous, I pointed out to the girls that the approach must be this way. I'm glad it was like that. The younger girls did a phenomenal job, I love the energy and dedication they bring. It's important that they lift themselves up, and it's great that they allowed only six goals in the second half. Games like this are good to see new players for some future events and years.
Bojana Popovic
Head coach, Montenegro
20240407 SWE LUX Axner Quote
We knew we are a stronger team but we really wanted to get the best out of this game and play with a lot of speed and counterattacks, things that will be useful for us in next week's Olympic qualification tournament. It was a fantastic crowd and we really enjoyed playing here.
Tomas Axnér
Head coach, Sweden
20240407 SWE LUX Scheuren Quote
Sweden is one of the best teams in the world and we expected them be as good as they were. Unfortunately we were sleeping in the first half and not aggressive enough. The second half was better from our side and we scored 11 goals. Sweden played with en excellent tempo, high speed and a strong defence, just like modern handball is.
Michael Scheuren
Head coach, Luxembourg
20240407 POL KOS Quote
Maybe the game wasn't the best, but after a while no one will remember what the style was. We have half a year to prepare for the championship. We didn't expect any other scenario today than victory. We were favourites, we had to win and I'm glad we did. The beginning of the match was again not our best, but as time passed we dictated the conditions of the game and controlled the match.
Sylwia Matuszczyk
Line player, Poland

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