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Czechs cause major sensation

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France had already booked their ticket to EHF EURO 2022 after round 4 after four straight victories - but in round 5 they were defeated in an EHF EURO qualifier for the first time since 22 March 2012 - a 27:30 loss at North Macedonia. Thanks to the sensational 31:30 victory, Czech Republic took their first points - and still can hope to clinch their berth for the final tournament in the postponed matches against Ukraine in June. 


Czech Republic vs France 31:30 (16:13)

  • France had won 22 of their last 24 EHF EURO qualification matches - drew once and lost once, before they were defeated by the Czechs on Wednesday. 
  • the hosts incredibly took revenge for the 22:38 defeat in the reverse fixture in France, their second defeat in two matches against the defending Olympic champions. 
  • France were never ahead over the whole 60 minutes, but never down by more than four goals 
  • Sara Kovarova and Jana Knedlikova scored the last two Czech goals to decide the match at 31:29, Pauletta Foppa’s strike to make it 30:31 came too late 
  • Marketa Jerabkova and Iveta Koresova scored eight goals each for the victors, while Foppa and Alicia Toublanc were French top scorers with four goals each  

Czech side will have their chance in "extra time“ 

Thanks to their sensational victory against Olympic champions France, Czech Republic caused true tension in their group. Both matches against Ukraine needed to be postponed in March, but will be carried out in June - and those matches finally will decide the second position in this group. Croatia, currently on four points, only have the match against the Czechs ahead on Sunday, while the team of head coach Jan Basny - now on two points - still have three chances to take six points.

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