Germany shock Netherlands tying best-ever attacking performance

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Netherlands were earmarked as one of the top contenders for a medal at the EHF EURO 2022, yet they conceded their second loss in a row, 36:28, against Germany, after a disappointing performance on all fronts, which heavily complicates their chances for the final weekend in Ljubljana.

Netherlands vs Germany 28:36 (13:17)

  • Germany delivered an excellent attacking performance, with a 57% attacking efficiency
  • Markus Gaugischโ€™s side tied their best-ever attacking performance in their EHF EURO history, scoring 36 goals, the same as in the 36:22 win against Slovakia at the 2014 edition
  • with an eight-goal outing, Germanyโ€™s centre back Alina Grijseels, who was named the Player of the Match, jumped back to the top of the top goal scorers standings at the EHF EURO 2022, with 29 goals, leapfrogging Sloveniaโ€™s Ana Gros, who has only 25 goals
  • the Netherlands have never previously conceded 36 goals in a single match at the EHF EURO, beating their record of conceded goals by a goal, while also conceding their worst loss in the competition since a 13-goal drubbing against Norway in December 2018
  • Germany tied the Netherlands in the standings, with both teams having two points, as the former still have an outside chance to make the semi-finals now

Netherlands fail to stop Germanyโ€™s perfect game

As they had only scored 71 goals in their first three matches, nobody expected Germany to deliver such a clear-cut attacking performance against the Netherlands, who was the third best defence in the preliminary round. Yet handball is full of surprises and Germany improved their attacking output by 50%, scoring 36 goals in their win on Friday.

It was once again centre back Grijseels who carried the load, with eight goals, while left wing Johanna Stockschlรคder was flawless, adding seven goals, in what turned to a rout, as the Dutch side constantly failed to stop Germanyโ€™s attack.

A challenge for a medal is now in tatters for the Dutch side, who will need nothing short of a miracle to qualify, as the second loss in a row, after the one against France, left them speechless and in dire need of a change, with their defence especially left shocked in one of the biggest surprises of the competition.

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It's really crazy. We were angry after the first matches but we cane here and we wanted to start from zero. We fought together, played with speed, and stood very good for granted.
Luisa Schulze
Germany line player

Netherlands coach Per Johansson:ย โ€œWe came out the way we wanted, we put pressure on Germany at the start. Then we did some bad mistakes and invited Germany to run counter-attacks in a high-speed match. We lost focus. The defence was a big problems for us, we allowed them to have too much space, and finally Germany were totally superior.โ€

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