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Ahead of a busy summer season of competition, the European Handball Federation’s beach handball department has published a complete series of training videos aimed at developing the skills of beach handball players.

The 20 videos, which are available to watch on the EHF Activities YouTube channel, focus on a variety of skills required in beach handball, from goalkeeping to defence and from attack to specialist shooting.

Ole Jorstad, Chairman of the EHF Beach Handball Commission, explained the purpose of the project.

He said: “The idea of beach handball videos arises from two objectives. The first, make videos that could be easily shared on social networks and that the duration was adequate to understand the exercise.

“Secondly, they suggest a beach handball training methodology in which the majority of the players are in action or have to be very prepared to take action. Methodological proposal for these training sessions could be based on the inclusion of certain sub-tasks in most tasks in a beach handball session. According to this approach, these tasks should include simultaneously throws, passes, actions trying to hold up the fast break, actions to defend fast break and substitution actions.

“It is important to highlight that, in all cases, of the most relevant sub-tasks would be to make the substitutions or to defend fast break after carrying out their main action. It is also important that the players’ initial reaction is almost immediate to the previous action. In this sense, players’ appropriate activation seems to be indispensable. Of course, it would be advisable to combine several proposals depending on the characteristics of our players and the objectives we establish with our group.”

The EHF would like to thank former Beach Commission member Juan Carlos Zapardiel for the idea and methodological approach and to the Spanish players for filming the videos back in 2019.

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