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EHF Champions League

Fathy Omar and Lekai secure Veszprém win over PSG

EHF / Kevin Domas

Since 2015, Telekom Veszprém had always lost to Paris Saint-Germain in EHF Champions League Men matches between the two teams. But on Thursday evening, in front of their fans, the Hungarian side ended their run of six consecutive defeats against the French champions.

Despite Paris-Saint Germain making the better start, Veszprém right back Yahia Fathy Omar's six goals in the second half helped his side overturn a four-goal half-time deficit. 

Telekom Veszprém (HUN) vs Paris Saint-Germain Handball (FRA) 34:31 (13:17)

  • both teams were level for the first 20 minutes, but PSG’s push before half-time saw them reach the break with a four-goal advantage
  • Yann Genty stopped three shots in a row as the French side enjoyed a four-goal run to take command
  • although PSG still led by four with 15 minutes to play, Veszprém remained focused. Egyptian right back Yahia Fathy Omar took control and scored six times in the last 30 minutes
  • a thriller was on the way when Mate Lekai equalised for Veszprém 10 minutes before the siren
  • while Yahia Fathy Omar finished as the top scorer with 10 goals, Lekai’s ball steals and three goals in the closing minutes ensured that Veszprém were finally ahead. Once the hosts took the lead at 27:26, they did not relinquish it

Veszprém deliver 15 perfect minutes

Veszprém trailed on the scoreboard for three quarters of the game. When the Hungarian side’s players had chances to score, they often failed to beat goalkeeper Yann Genty, who made a huge difference for PSG between the posts.

But in the last 15 minutes, the wind changed in Veszprém's favour. Yahia Fathy Omar, who scored 10 goals in total, was the key player for the hosts. The left-hander led his team while the visitors were not able to keep up the rhythm.


It was an amazing first game for me in Champions League. I’m very satisfied with the victory — the players have shown real character in the second half. We made a lot mistakes in the last 10 minutes of the first half, we gave away a lot of balls and we conceded a lot of fast break goals. But the victory is the most important — I’m really happy with it.
Momir Ilic
Telekom Veszprém head coach

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