20210815 YAC EHF EURO W17 Hungary Final
Younger Age Category

Hungary overpower Germany to claim W17 EHF EURO 2021 title

Jamie Whittington

For the second time this summer, Hungary are the champions of a Younger Age Category EHF EURO event. On this occasion, Hungary overcame a slow start against Germany to record a six-goal win, 25:19, in the Women's 17 EHF EURO 2021 final. 

In the bronze medal match, Russia produced an impressive attacking performance as they beat Denmark by seven goals, 37:30.

Germany vs Hungary 19:25 (10:12)

  • Hungary made a slow start but powered clear of Germany to lead 20:14 after 50 minutes
  • Liliana Csernyanszki and Julia Farkas both scored five goals in Hungary's triumph
  • Nieke Kühne (six goals) finished as the top scorer of the match and was named as Germany's best player

After scoring 12 goals in Germany’s thrilling semi-final win against Russia, Viola Leuchter looked as though she wanted to repeat the feat in the final. Leuchter scored three goals in the opening five minutes as Germany took a 4:0 lead – prompting Hungary to call an early timeout.

Unsurprisingly, though, Hungary regrouped and their mission of eliminating Germany's lead was already underway when Germany called a timeout in the 18th minute (8:6). A 5:0 run for Hungary, which included Liliana Csernyanszki's fourth goal of the game, put them ahead 11:9 after 26 minutes.

Hungary's Emilia Varga received a red card for committing a dangerous foul when she tried to stop a Germany fast break in the 28th minute, but Julia Farkas's third strike restored Hungary's two-goal advantage before half-time.

Although Germany struggled to score in the first 10 minutes of the second half, Hungary's lead was only three goals. That changed when Julia Farkas extended her side's advantage to five goals – 19:14 – for the first time in the 47th minute.

Whilst Nieke Kühne and Viola Leuchter did their utmost in attack for Germany, the result was beyond any doubt when Luca Csikos increased Hungary's lead to eight goals, 24:16, in the 58th minute.

Russia vs Denmark 37:30 (17:16)

  • although Russia only had a one-goal lead at half-time, they only trailed once in the first half
  • Varvara Semina (11 goals) top-scored for Russia and received the player of the match award for her side
  • Kamille Rasmussen (six goals) was named as Denmark's best player 

In Russia's defeat semi-final against Germany, centre back Alina Reshetnikova scored an impressive 13 goals and drove the team forward in attack in the closing stages. 

Reshetnikova impressed again in the early stages against Denmark, scoring three of Russia's first six goals, but she also had valuable support in attack from Varvara Semina throughout the first half. Denmark took the lead in the 17th minute when Julie Scaglione scored her first goal of the match, but it only served to inspire a scoring spree from Semina, who finished the first half with eight goals. 

If Denmark had taken confidence from their performance in the first half, a 6:0 run for Russia to open the second half quickly extinguished any Danish hopes of claiming the bronze medal. With Varvara Semina, Alina Reshetnikova and Eva Isakova among the players contributing for Russia in attack, Russia's lead eventually reached a high point of nine goals in the 55th minute. 

Other results

Placement matches 5-8
Norway vs Croatia 21:33 (10:18)
Montenegro vs Romania 24:30 (11:15)

Placement matches 9-12
Switzerland vs Portugal 39:30 (21:15)
France vs Sweden 31:29 (15:18)

Placement matches 13-16
Czech Republic vs Austria 22:19 (10:8)
Slovenia vs Slovakia 23:33 (10:18)

Final rankings
1st Hungary
2nd Germany
3rd Russia
4th Denmark
5th Croatia
6th Norway
7th Romania
8th Montenegro
9th Switzerland
10th Portugal
11th France
12th Sweden
13th Czech Republic
14th Austria
15th Slovakia
16th Slovenia

All-star Team

Goalkeeper: Klara Zaj (HUN)

Left wing: Katja Vukovic (CRO)

Left back: Julie Mathiesen Scaglione (DEN)

Centre back: Alina Reshetnikova (RUS)

Line player: Kata Juhasz (HUN)

Right back: Viola Leuchter (GER)

Right wing: Mia Emmenegger (SUI)

Top scorer: Viola Leuchter (GER) - 55 goals

Defender: Daria Lavrenteva (RUS)

MVP: Julia Farkas (HUN)

We had pressure after the U19 team of our country won a gold medal at the European Championship in Slovenia. This is the second generation, the second team, but these girls also showed exceptional potential and achieved seven victories in the same number of matches
Beáta Bohus
Hungary coach

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