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Registration open for ebt Finals 2021

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Registration is now open for the 15 qualified teams for the opening beach handball event of the season, the ebt Finals.

Between 3 and 6 June, 16 women’s and 16 men’s beach handball teams from across Europe will compete on the sand at Torrox in southern Spain.

Torrox, which lies 30 minutes drives from Malaga, was awarded hosting rights for the competition at December’s EHF Executive Committee meeting.

In October, the line-up of qualified teams for competition was confirmed, with 15 of the 16 teams from the women’s and men’s competitions fixed.

Joining the defending champions from the 2019 edition are the best 12 teams from the 2018/19 ranking and the two best teams from the 2019/20 ranking. The 15 clubs will be joined by one wildcard as chosen by the organiser.


Defending champions: A M Team Almeria. Best 12 season 18/19: Westsite Amsterdam, BHC Plan B – XP Sports, ESP BHC Plan B - XP Sports, Multichem-Szentendrei N.K.E., HT GRU JUKO Piotrków Trybunalski, Toyota MHC Dubrava, BHC 2areg, CAIPIranhas, SPORT CLUB Senec, GRD Leça - Love Tiles, Beachqueens, The Danish Beachhandball Dream, A.C.Spartacus Goalbet. Best 2 season 19/20: BHT Pyrki Poznan, Autoinwest SAS Gdansk.


Defending champions: Pinturas Andalucía BM Playa Sevilla. Best 12 season 18/19: DETONO Zagreb, Hír-Sat BHC, CBMP Ciudad de Malaga, TSHV Camelot, GRD Leça – SPAR, 12 Monkeys Köln BHC, BHT DAMY RADE Inowroclaw, BHC 2areg, SPORT CLUB Senec Seniori, HEI Beach handball, BHV Wasserschloss, Kiklopes Alexandroupolis - Beach Boys. Best 2 season 19/20: SG Schurwald, Duna House Fervas BHC.

Qualified teams must remember they are still required to register in order to participate. The deadline to confirm their place at the tournament is 31 March 2021.

If the qualified teams decide not to participate, the next best ranked registered team and nation from last season will be selected. All ebt teams registered for the past two seasons are invited to send their registration to be selected as substitute teams after the registration deadline.

Further details are outlined in the documentation below.

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